TAKING THE BAD WITH THE GOOD: How to Proactively Manage Negative Customer Feedback

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Even the most conscientious of FBA sellers get negative customer feedback from time to time. Nowadays, customer reviews are proving more important to the buying decision-making process than personal recommendations or manufacturer guarantees. While negative reviews can be quite alarming, we must accept that they are simply part of a customer-oriented business like FBA.

Aside from exerting the effort to provide exemplary customer service, us FBA sellers must know how to proactively manage negative customer feedback. A sound strategy in dealing with negative customer feedback can help protect your reputation as an #Amazon seller and of course, your revenue stream.

Check out these 3 tips to combat negative customer feedback:

1. The most simple solution to this pesky problem is to reach out to the disgruntled customer. Going the extra mile can do a lot to resolve issues as well change a customer’s personal opinion. In the business of sales, customer service is paramount! Get in touch with the customer, express your willingness to remedy the situation, and inform them of the steps you will take to make it right. While Amazon’s terms of service states you may not directly ask for negative feedback to be removed or star-rating changed, you CAN suggest the customer update their review hoping you have improved on their experience.

2. Addressing a negative review publicly can show other customers that you have taken notice and future transactions will proceed smoothly. Doing this lets it be known that no matter the situation, you are available and willing to work out the issue at hand. When commenting publicly, make sure to mention that you have taken the necessary steps to remedy the situation.

3. As unpleasant as it may be to acknowledge a blemish on your account, integrating negative customer feedback into your business development process can serve as learning points that can help you manage and run your business. Keep in mind that the best way to minimize negative customer feedback is by raising the level of the service that you provide.

Be proactive, take action, and make your customers (even the unhappy ones) rave about how awesome your company handles itself.