NUMBER CRUNCHER! How to Compute FBA fees

It goes without saying, anyone wishing to make considerable headway running an Amazon FBA business should know how to crunch some numbers. A seasoned seller should know how much is being spent on FBA expenses such as inbound shipping, taxes, prep fees, subscriptions, supplies etc… Most importantly, a seller must know the FBA fees that apply to each individual product. This will ensure that losses in selling a product can be avoided and profit forecasts stay accurate.

The following software solutions will help you calculate and understand the fees associated with the product you are looking at prior to making any purchases:

1. Amazon Seller App (FREE) -enables you to scan a product via barcode, ASIN or Amazon Flow (Amazon Flow uses your phone’s camera and matches the image of the product with its Amazon listing). This app allows you to compare the applicable fees of an item if it is sold via merchant fulfilled or FBA. Once a product is found, you can tweak your selling price, inbound shipping cost, and unit cost to get estimated net proceeds after subtracting the fees and cost of purchases.

2. 3rd Party Scanning Apps such as Scoutify, ScanPower, Profit Bandit (PAID) – With these 3rd party apps, you can enter a text search for the item or scan items by barcode. Like the Amazon Seller app, you can make adjustments to your selling price, inbound shipping and cost of purchase before deducting the FBA fees in order to figure out your estimated net proceeds. While similar to the free Amazon Seller App, these apps include added benefits like compiling info from CamelCamelCamel and Keepa to make your sourcing process more streamlined.

3. FBA Calculator website (FREE) – The FBA Calculator website can be used for product research when in a web browser. Just enter the ASIN, UPC, or product title in the FBA Revenue Calculator to find out the possible FBA fee and potential profit. This website is very useful when you are sourcing products, determining prices for your inventory when listing products and repricing your existing inventory. Here’a quick link to the website:

4. Google Chrome Extensions such as Scanalyze, RevSeller (PAID) – Scanalyze is a Google Chrome extension that puts the FBA fees right on the item’s Amazon product page. To access the calculator, just click on the Scanalyze button and the calculator will pop up at the bottom part of the screen.

A very useful Google Chrome extension is RevSeller. It features a convenient on-page, real-time calculator that you can use to compute for FBA fees. Aside from the real-time calculator to help you compute FBA fees, this highly-customizable tool gives you immediate access to vital information when you need as it provides you quick links to the online resources you want, view ROIs and profit margins and the number of FBA and MFN sellers of the product you are viewing. If you wish to start utilizing RevSeller to make quick, smart buying decisions and improve the profitability of your FBA business, follow this link:

Always remember, the key to the survival and sustainability of your FBA venture lies in your ability to make sound business decisions based on the data you get from crunching numbers. With these software solutions available, you can easily develop and implement qualitative and quantitative systems, policies to further improve and reinforce various aspects of your FBA business.

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