Ka-Ching! How to Make Sure that You are Getting the Amazon Reimbursements You Absolutely Deserve

Amazon owes you money.

In our 3 years of selling on Amazon via its FBA program, I have learned that there are many situations in which Amazon fails to properly reimburse its sellers. Although Amazon’s system is designed to detect these situations and automatically provide reimbursements, it is far from perfect and often, sellers miss out on being properly recompensed


(Don’t worry, you won’t need to call on these goodfellas to get your money from AZ. We got your back.)


In running an Amazon FBA venture, it is of absolute importance to make sure that every penny and every single item in your inventory is accounted for. Hence, knowing every situation in which you can or should be reimbursed and conducting periodic reimbursement checks is absolutely vital for your business.

Without the know-how and proper guidance, however, doing so can be pretty cumbersome, work-intensive and time-consuming. To help you out, we have compiled an all-star list of blog posts from highly-successful sellers and reliable service providers that can help you get your just reimbursements more easily.


Get your Money Back for Damaged, Destroyed, or Misplaced Inventory

The Selling Family (thesellingfamily.com)

In this blog post, Clint and Jessica of the Selling Family teach you how to get reimbursed for inventory that Amazon has damaged, destroyed or misplaced. In the training video, you will learn the step-by-step process you will need to perform to identify reimbursable items and file cases with Seller Support.


Check your shipments!

Seller Essentials (selleressentials.com)

When we ship our items to Amazon, there are instances in which items are lost, damaged or destroyed in the process. Therefore, it is important to check your shipments regularly, and make sure that you are reimbursed for lost, damaged and destroyed items during shipping. In this blog post from Seller Essentials, you will learn about the necessary steps to take to get reimbursed.


How to Know If You Should Be Reimbursed for a Customer Return

Seller Refund (sellerrefund.com)

Amazon is known for its lenient returns policy for its customers. Unfortunately, there are times in which sellers are negatively affected by this policy. In this blog post from Kurt of Seller Refund, he identifies specific situations in which you should be reimbursed after a customer has returned an item. The very detailed explanation of each situation will give you a clear idea on each situation and help you plan out your next move to get reimbursed.


Protect Yourself from Fraud

Frugal Hack (frugalhack.me)

A great follow-up read to #3, this blog post from Frugal Hack teaches you how to protect yourself from buyers who try to take advantage of Amazon’s lenient returns policy and get reimbursements for unjust returns. Also, this write-up touches on refunds reconciliation – a reimbursement task necessary when the reimbursement that you get for a return is significantly lower than the value of the item.


How to Deal with Those”Other” Concessions

Repricer Express (repricerexpress.com)

Ryan Grant of the Online Selling Experiment guest blogs on this post from Repricer Express, and talks about getting reimbursed for the “Other Concessions” charges from Amazon against your seller account for a fulfillment issue that is usually beyond your control.


Did That Customer Actually Send That Item Back?

Repricer Express (repricerexpress.com)

We’ve all had customers who got a refund but never actually returned the item. Stephen Smotherman from Full-Time FBA guest blogs in this post from Repricer Express, and walks us through the process of checking if the customer actually returned the item and filing cases for ghost returns.


Verifying Customer Exchanges

Online Selling Experiment (onlinesellingexperiment.com)

Ryan Grant seems to be the guru of getting reimbursements from Amazon, and in this post from his blog, he talks about “verifying customer exchanges”. Basically what happens in this situation is that the customer exchanges his purchase for the exact same item, gets a refund, but doesn’t get charged for the item he or she received (oh yes, it does happen). A great read with a very detailed explanation on how to get reimbursed.


Get the Master Class

Online Selling Experiment (onlinesellingexperiment.com)

One of the best investments I’ve ever made, Ryan Grant’s ebook “The Complete Guide to FBA Reimbursements” is the bible of getting reimbursements when selling through Amazon’s FBA program. At only $39.99, this ultimate guide will help you obtain all of the reimbursements you deserve and would have probably let slip. I can personally vouch for this info product- in two years, I have received over $24,000 in reimbursements with the use of this guide.

We strongly suggest that you follow a routine of monthly reimbursement tasks to make the most out of the processes explained in the articles previously mentioned. From our experience, we usually get around $1,000 dollars every month after going through every avenue of reimbursement. Of course, success and results  will vary, but we guarantee the processes explained in great detail are well-worth the time and the effort in terms of recouped capital.

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