4th Quarter Storm Reloaded: How to Prepare Effectively for the Most Profitable Quarter to Sell on Amazon Vol. 2

Because Amazon is a constantly changing and highly competitive selling arena, it is very important for us FBA sellers to keep up with the latest news and trends on the selling platform so that we don’t miss out on profitable opportunities. Therefore, to make sure that we don’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to planning for Q4 this year, we here at FBA Library have curated some of the most recent instructional videos from the most prominent experts in the FBA game today that will really help you map out your entire Q4 strategy and prepare effectively for the most lucrative selling period of 2017.

So, without further adieu, here is 4th Quarter Storm Reloaded:

One of the Best Walkthrough Videos for Q4 Strategy Planning

In this video, Shane Stinemetz of Jungle Scout focuses on the three aspects of your FBA business (Preparing Your Inventory, Boosting Your Rankings, and Tracking Your Performance) that you will need to focus on as early as now to maximize your profits this coming 4th quarter. First, he demonstrates the use of historical data to effectively forecast sales this coming quarter in order to avoid overstocking and understocking inventory. In addition, he also touches on effective inventory planning and management for you to ensure that your products get to Amazon on time for the 4th quarter and that you remain well-stocked until the biggest buying dates on the 1st quarter of 2018. Next, Shawn teaches you how you can easily improve your BSR (Best Seller Rank) using the methods he talks about in the video and how you can leverage an improved BSR to boost profits. Lastly, he gives you the metrics that you should be monitoring to make sure that your business stays profitable and you max your bottomline. This is a great guide that will help you map out your strategy and methods for Q4. If you want the complete guide, you can download it using this link: https://fetcher.com/amazon-holidays-success/?ct=t(Fetcher_Q4_9_28_2017)

Learn to Transition from Amazon Prime Day to Effective Q4 Preparation

Success is where preparation and opportunity meet, and in this episode of the Amazon Seller Podcast, Andy Slamans, Liran Hirschkorn and Nathan Slamans share the insights they gained during the Amazon Prime Day last July and how these could be utilized to effectively transition and prepare for Q4. This episode of their podcast focuses on maintaining proper inventory volume, optimizing your listings, improving the rank of your product and the additional planning needed by Private Label sellers. The content here is invaluable as you can use it for this Q4 and for next year’s Prime Day.

How to Find Hidden Gems While Sourcing for Q4 Inventory

Stephen Smotherman of Full-Time FBA discusses how to smartly stock up on Amazon Q4 inventory in this highly informative video. The most valuable takeaway in this video is his very detailed explanation on forecasting Q4 demand trends for a product with a Keepa Graph. What he emphasizes here is that a product with a bad sales rank and low profits margins right now may actually prove to be a high profit item come Q4. This instructional guide will help you exploit lucrative sourcing opportunities you never thought would yield handsome profits.

Stop Doing These Things

Another video entry from Stephen Smotherman, this instructional video talks about the things you should NOT DO while selling on Amazon this 4th quarter. He talks about things Amazon sellers do that drive down profits and slow down business while selling during the most lucrative time of the year. If you really want to make sure that none of your valuable resources such as time and money are wasted this Q4, make sure to watch this video.

Everything You Need to Know for Q4

Tanner J. Fox, lead instructor of the Amazon Seller Mastery Course, sets the record straight on myths and rumours surrounding this year’s Q4 and disseminates valuable chunks of information about the logistic concerns this Q4 and gives his recommendations on how to address these issues in a timely fashion. I really like the direct, bulleted delivery and how easily actionable his recommendations are.

We hope that the information you gather from these recent instructional videos from these industry leaders has helped you modify your existing Q4 strategy to address whatever holes, gaps and weaknesses your current one has. We wish you the best, and here’s hoping our profits go through the roof this Q4!

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