4th Quarter Storm: How to Prepare Effectively for the Most Profitable Quarter to Sell on Amazon

Nerve-wracking. Gut-wrenching. But with a well-thought of and well-executed plan, absolutely exhilarating and fulfilling. These are just some of the emotions we feel during the wild rollercoaster ride we Amazon FBA entrepreneurs experience selling on Amazon during the most lucrative quarter of the year.

While the potential for soaring profits exists during the 4th quarter, without strategic planning, the profits you can amass in this critical time of the year will remain an elusive opportunity yet to be seized at best.Therefore, to help you map out your selling plan for the 4th quarter, we at FBA Library have collated a collection of the best blog posts outlining the specific strategies of some of the most prominent experts in the game today. While this is a collection of articles written in the past years, the strategies outlined in the articles are timeless, and will serve you well this year and even for the years to come.

Map Put Your Entire Strategy

This blog post from FBAforward teaches you to map out your entire strategy and plan for Q4. You will learn how to gather the necessary information for the quarter, evaluate your inventory, plan your budget and inventory buying, price competitively, enhance your product listings, and manage post-holiday sales and returns. Very informative.

Spending Capital and Managing ROI Expectation

We just love how Clint and Jessica of the The Selling Family give the readers front-row seats to their business and walk them through their process of preparation for quarter four. They discuss their activities from October to December, and offer valuable advice about spending your capital and managing your ROI expectations. Also, you can check out their great info products that can really help you out in Q4.

Advice from the Repricing Authority

Behind every successful FBA seller is a highly effective repricer. For me, Appeagle is simply the best repricer out there, and their blog is a great resource for everything FBA-related. In this post, they focus mainly on sourcing for merchandise to sell in Q4, and provide tips on how to spot items that will sell really well. They also provide an in-depth discussion on how to qualify for the Toys and Games category in this quarter.

Top 10 things to Know About Quarter 4

If you like your information in bite-sized chunks that can be easily put into a plan of action, Bob Willey’s list of 10 things you have to know about Q4 from his blog Seller Coaching is totally up to your speed. Valuable information is presented to you in a manner that is very direct and easily actionable. After reading this blog post, you can easily formulate your Q4 strategy in no time.

Hindsight is 20/20

Hindsight is extremely important, and in this blog post, Ryan from the Online Selling Experiment discusses what he did wrong in Q4 of 2014 and how he should have handled various situations. Reading this blog post will help you prevent making the mistakes he did, and save you a lot of time and money in the process.

We over at the FBA Library team have applied the concepts we picked up from these blog posts and applied it to our overall strategy for Q4 in the last 3 years. The information from these blogs has contributed greatly to our success during this quarter and we hope that it will bring the same results to you. We urge you to read all of these blog posts, pick up what works best for your business model, and start implementing your plan. That’s all for now and good luck this coming quarter!

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